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These are the most commonly asked questions from our clients.

Can you guarantee results?

We cannot guarantee results but, we can guarantee that if you're not happy in your first 3 months, we will give you the next 3 months free plus $1000 back. We understand that working with marketing agencies can be frustrating so we do everything in our power to get you results and keep you happy.

What results can I expect from Infinite Income Agency?

Results can come as quickly as 7 days or it may take 3 months. As much as I would like to promise instant results, at the end of the day every business is different so we need to analyze your business and the industry to see what path of action is the best for you and your business. We make sure to do everything in our power to optimize your business and optimize every single dollar spent.

How does Infinite Income Agency measure success?

We understand that picking the right marketing agency to bring your business success can be hard. So we want to make it clear that at Infinite Income Agency our measure of success is making sure our clients are happy and satisfied with the results while making the most of every dollar spent to help your business get a positive ROI and ultimately grow to where you always wanted your business to be.

Will they help me set and reach my company goals?

We realize that many marketing agencies misinterpret the true goals of many businesses. So we make sure that every client has a 1 on 1 meeting with Tommy himself, to be clear on the goals of your business and how we will help you get to your goals.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Once you decide on bettering your business, we will set up a time for an onboarding call. Prior to the onboarding call, we will send over an email with information on how to allow our team inside your ad accounts, how to join our slack channel, and how to send our team any graphics/video you may have for ad creatives. During the onboarding call, we will make sure everything is set up correctly and our team has access to all your accounts, we will take a look at where your business currently stands and set goals that are designed specifically for you and your business, we will go over what strategies have worked for you in the past and we will analyze then create a plan on how to optimize your business and every dollar spent going forward. Then we will plan out what needs to be done to get your site conversion ready and get the ads launched as soon as possible to make sure you are getting the most out of our services.

Who will do I contact when I need help?

You will be put in a slack channel with Tommy directly. You can contact him at any time via slack chat and he will always answer as soon as possible.

How frequently will we meet and go over results & new strategies?

You will have a meeting with Tommy biweekly via zoom/phone call to go over the results and how we are going to improve them going forward.

How long do I have to commit for? And Why?

We do require a 3-month commitment. This is to ensure we have enough time to figure out how to optimize your business in the best way possible. Many people have the misconception that paid ads are a ‘magic switch’, where you can turn them on and instantly see results. Paid ads are a complex revenue stream and sometimes take time to figure out what processes work best to start scaling your business effectively.

What happens if I’m not getting results as soon as I wanted?

If you aren’t getting the results you wanted we are deeply sorry to hear that, but paid ads are a process so sometimes you have to be willing to be patient to make sure we can get you the best results in the long run. In a rare case, If you feel that you aren’t getting results due to the effort that our team is putting forth then please contact Tommy directly to let him know and we will do everything in our power to make sure we fix that.

What do I do if I finally want to cancel?

Contact us by email or via slack chat and we will make sure that your account will not be rebilled for the next term.

How much work will I have to do?

We require almost no effort from our clients toward our services, we want to get business owners back to doing things in their business that are actually important. The only thing that we ever need from our clients normally is videos/graphics for the ads. As we do recommend business owners to record content and their own ads since it has been proven to yield the best results, we do not require it. If you do not want to record any of your own videos or photos we do have many other options that we can discuss that can still possibly be effective.

What business’ have you worked with in the past?

We have worked with various industries from Ecommerce, Local Business, Real Estate, Coaching, Attorneys, Dentists, Chiropractors, Automotive, Fitness, Med Spas, and many more B2B/B2C Businesses. We have confidently seen that our paid ad campaign strategy can work across various different industries so we are confident that we can help improve your business to get the best results in your industry.